Beacon: FM AFSK/AX.25 at 1200 Baud


  • 437.300 kHz  UHF Downlink
  • 2,403 GHz      S-band Downlink

 Download our Beacon app to decode the beacons of COMPASS-2 with all necessary programs and an additional user manual which will guide you through the installation process.

To receive the beacon, you need:

  • 70cm antenna
    • Directed Yagi antenna with rotor
    • Egg-Beater / Helix antenna
  • Receiver for 70cm
  • Satellite Tracker ( Orbitron / Gpredict )
  • Cat interface for Doppler correction
  • Drivers for controlling the rotor

Download via a dropbox link:

From time to time, we will switch to S-band, then a rotor-controlled satellite dish with S-band capable LNB and an S-band receiver is needed.

The changeover between S-band and 70cm will be announced via Facebook / Twitter.

Video to install Beacon App: