COMPASS-Two is a tripple CubeSat, whose central unit contains all the subsystems of a satellite.

In the two outer units the scientific experiments and payloads can be integrated. The central CubeSat unit is designed as a universal satellite bus, so that it can be used for further experiments and satellite missions. One of the two outer units COMPASS-Two has a deployable drag sail, which accelerates the re-entry of the satellite at the end of its life, so that the satellite used to burn up in Earth’s atmosphere much earlier as other CubeSats. Space debris will be avoided and the valuable infrastructure of low earth orbit will be protected. The other payload cube contains innovative, deployable thin-film solar cells which will be unfold in space and then tested under space conditions.

In cooperation with the FHprofUnt project “Drag Sail – CubeSat” subsystems are developed and provided the “know-how” for a successful mission, with the aim of a mission start in early 2015.

The project offers numerous opportunities to participate, free of employees up to the Bachelor’s and Master’s work, anything is possible.

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